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    Is your porn real?

    Do you care? Should you care?

    The various AI image generators can create all sorts of pictures. These include deep fakes. Your face on a nude body, being arrested or perhaps even wearing something unfashionable. People that don’t really exist being presented as if they were real people. The issues here are around purposeful deception to cause harm or wrongly profit. But what if there was no ill intent or deception? If you had the choice of buying erotica with real people (that may very well […] More

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    The Best Possible Content Market

    What convinces me, myself, to buy

    One of the companies in our circle that had been considering a thought leadership strategy is now thinking about content marketing instead. Their consulting service provides reliably correct solutions in a repeatable manner for a long-standing class of financially important problems. It does not make interesting cocktail party conversation; it just makes money. So I have reviewed the situations where I have made large consulting expenditures that started as a result of content marketing, including the one I made this […] More

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    ChatGPT for critique

    ChatGPT make me a better mentor

    We can use ChatGPT to learn how to write rather than having it write for us. More

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