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Bringing Saturnalia to Corporate America

If it was good enough for slaves & masters

We are fast approaching the Roman pagan winter holiday of Saturnalia.

My favorite of the Saturnalia traditions is that the slave and masters in certain households would trade roles.

What could we learn by bringing that tradition to modern corporate America? I mean something very different from the “Undercover Boss” television series. Not a cheap trick played for the camera but rather a serious learning experience.

What would the C-suite learn from a few days on the factory floor or the customer support lines?

What could be learned from working in IT support or from doing maintenance programming?

And what could be learned if rank-and-file workers spent some time in the CEO suite?

While I am tempted to share some answers, you should run your experiments in situ.

December 17th fast approaches, but there is still time to register your experimental design and perhaps even make a betting pool for the results. My money is on unexpectedly valuable learning.


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