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ChatGPT Helping Evan Hansen to Live Happily Ever After

I hate it when the underdog loses — it’s too much life real life

I asked ChatGPT to make an ending for Dear Evan Hansen more to my liking.

And I am pretending it didn’t insist on saying:

It’s important to note that in real life, lying, especially on this scale, can lead to significant harm and is not condoned. It’s always better to be truthful and deal with problems in an honest and straightforward manner.

Perhaps ChatGPT doesn’t like happy endings

As Evan’s deception grows and becomes more complex, he finds himself more and more embedded in the lives of the Murphy family. Rather than guilt, he begins to feel a sense of responsibility and purpose. He sees their pain diminishing, their smiles more frequent, and believes that his lie has brought them a measure of comfort they might not have found otherwise.

One day, Evan approaches Mr. Murphy and shares his dreams of attending college, a possibility that has been out of reach due to financial constraints. Touched by Evan’s resilience and his heartfelt connection to Connor, Mr. Murphy decides to set up a college fund in his son’s memory, with Evan being the first recipient. He sees it as a tribute to the ‘friendship’ that changed both their lives.

As Evan grows closer to Zoe, he confesses his social anxiety, attributing his strength and ability to cope to the ‘support’ he received from Connor. Zoe, touched by his openness and their shared connection to her brother, finds herself falling in love with Evan.

With the scholarship from the Murphy family, Evan and Zoe attend the same college. Over the years, their bond deepens, their relationship becoming a beacon of hope and love that carries them through the challenges of life. Evan’s initial guilt transforms into a sense of accomplishment, as he sees the positive impact of his actions.

After graduating, Evan and Zoe decide to get married. Their wedding is a heartwarming event, and their happiness infectious. As they begin their journey as a married couple, they build a life filled with shared dreams, love, and mutual support.

Evan dedicates himself to helping teenagers struggling with social anxiety, drawing upon his personal experiences, while Zoe becomes a successful music therapist. Their work brings them immense fulfillment and further cement their place in the community.

In this version of events, Evan manages to turn a lie into a new reality, improving the lives of the Murphys and the community at large. He is happy, proud even, of the difference he’s made, despite the unusual circumstances that led to it.

Again, it’s important to note that in real life, lying, especially on this scale, can lead to significant harm and is not condoned. It’s always better to be truthful and deal with problems in an honest and straightforward manner.


Through the Window: a joyful duet

(Verse 1 – Evan)
I used to wave through a window pane,
Yearning for a life I couldn’t claim.
But now I stand by your side, with a love I can’t hide,
We’ve got a new world to name.

(Chorus – Evan and Zoe)
Through the window, we see tomorrow,
With all its hope, and its sorrow.
But hand in hand, we’ll make our stand,
And embrace what the future borrows.

(Verse 2 – Zoe)
We’ve built a love on a memory,
A flickering light that helped us see.
Through laughter and tears, throughout the years,
You’ve become a part of me.

(Chorus – Evan and Zoe)
Through the window, our dreams take flight,
In the darkness, we’ll be the light.
Side by side, with nothing to hide,
In love’s strength, we’ll find our might.

(Bridge – Evan and Zoe)
From the depths of despair, to the height of elation,
Our journey is a testament to our dedication.
Through each shared smile, each whispered vow,
We’ve found our here, our now.

(Chorus – Evan and Zoe)
Through the window, we see our path,
Guided by love, free from wrath.
Together we stand, across this vast land,
In our hearts, we’ve found our hearth.

(Outro – Evan and Zoe)
No more waving through a window pane,
Together we’ve conquered all the pain.
With love as our guide, we’ll enjoy the ride,
In each other, we’ve everything to gain.

Is there a ChatGPT plugin that will let them sing it for me?

(I didn’t do as well with Google’s Bard.)

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