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Chicago-based A Legacy for Learning Corporation Offers Vocational Certifications Free to Veterans

This program will equip veterans to fill thousands of highly-skilled commercial food equipment repair positions nationwide. Veterans who successfully complete the training program are guaranteed a job interview at one of hundreds of authorized service companies.

Organization Partners Up With Industry Leaders to Put Veterans Back to Work in America

Each year thousands of men and women return home after spending months overseas fighting for continued freedom. They return home looking to start a new chapter in life, but are faced with the harsh realization that jobs are hard to find, especially for younger veterans. These young men and women are well-trained and possess highly-transferable skills. Integrity and dependability are assets highly coveted in a competitive work environment, yet the unemployment rate for returning veterans in the 18-24 age group is over 30% (nearly double the rate of non-veterans).

Over the next 5 years, more than a million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are expected to return to civilian life. Luckily, organizations like Chicago-based A Legacy for Learning Corporation are providing financial assistance to veterans to acquire job training and placement as they transition back into a tough economy stateside.

Today, to honor service men and women, A Legacy for Learning Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarship funds for vocational training has partnered with TechU24/7, a for-profit company with years of experience developing vocational training, in launching a veteran’s job training program in conjunction with theCommercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA). This program will equip veterans to fill thousands of highly-skilled commercial food equipment repair positions nationwide. Veterans who successfully complete the training program are guaranteed a job interview at one of hundreds of authorized service companies nationwide. This program will be a Godsend for many veterans.

“There are more than 500 companies actively searching for qualified technicians in the foodservice equipment repair industry. No one is more qualified or deserving than our nation’s heroes. We are honored to have the support of our corporate and private sponsors, as well as organizations like A Safe Haven Foundation who work so tirelessly to house and reintegrate veterans in need,” commented Carol Multack, President and CEO of A Legacy for Learning Corporation.

Chicago is also home to another shining star in the veterans support movement. A Safe Haven Foundation knows the challenges veterans face first hand. With veterans totaling over 30% of our nation’s homeless population, A Safe Haven fills the gap in veterans’ housing needs. Since its inception, the Chicago-based foundation has served more than 500 homeless veterans. Last year, 190 veterans lived at A Safe Haven’s Veteran Suites, providing two-year transitional housing for homeless vets and teaching them how to live without dependency, and re-enter society. “A Safe Haven Foundation and A Legacy for Learning seem to have a natural partnership,” adds Carol Multack. “We can provide the resources to help their veteran residents re-acclimate into the civilian workforce.”

“We are humbled by the stories of the veterans that come through our programs. We are thankful to have the opportunity to play a role in both housing and reintegration needs for our veterans. Over 80% of homeless veterans turn to drug and alcohol abuse and ultimately push themselves farther away from employment. Simply put, we want to stop that cycle. We are excited to see A Legacy for Learning Corporation opening the door up in a big way, taking on the commitment to fund job training and placement, and ultimately taking the financial burden off the veteran,” commented A Safe Haven Foundation Founder and Chicagoan of the Year Neli Vazquez-Rowland.

A Legacy for Learning Corporation is rising to the challenge of reducing the unemployment rate of returning veterans. While in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status, its fundraising efforts have already secured scholarship funding for hundreds of qualified veterans. In gratitude for the sacrifices our service men and women have made, A Legacy for Learning Corporation plans to offer the TechU24/7 program free to qualified veterans.

“As a veteran myself, I know the impact both A Safe Haven and A Legacy for Learning Corporation make on a daily basis. Homelessness and joblessness are widespread in our nation, and I am honored to sit on the board of A Legacy for Learning Corporation to help bring support and awareness for an innovative job training model. Our programs will work together to make the greatest impact possible,” commented A Safe Haven’s Co-Founder Brian Rowland, who was recently named to the Board of Directors of A Legacy for Learning Corporation.

A Legacy for Learning Corporation is launching their new website on September 11th to make it easy for veterans to apply for scholarships in the TechU24/7 program. The organization has been receiving widespread support from foodservice industry leaders who are dedicated to helping put veterans back to work, one job at a time. “We are planning a joint press conference to discuss our programs and the involvement of conscientious companies committed to hiring veterans. The White House has a goal of putting 100,000 transitioning veterans to work by 2020; through the TechU24/7 program, we have the ability to help thousands of veterans gain employment in a respectable, sustainable career, making a significant contribution to that hiring initiative,” commented TechU24/7 President and CEO George Nicholson.

For more information on A Legacy for Learning Corporation scholarships visit For information on A Safe Haven’s veteran reintegration programs visit For information about TechU24/7‘s recruiting and training program visit

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