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Chicago based Drink Deck collaborates with CFCo on philanthropic development and major market expansion


Expansion with a cause

The CFCo signed on with the Drink Deck team to help build a collaborative charity model throughout the nation.  Currently Drink Deck has decks available for the Chicago and Portland area, and CFCo is working with Drink Deck leadership to expand to the New Orleans, Miami & San Francisco markets this quarter, allowing bar enthusiasts and tourists to enjoy deals in destination cities across the nation.  Drink Deck is currently available in over 30 retail locations in Chicago, as well as a new fully integrated IPhone application.  This past holiday season Drink Deck was featured in countless “Top Gift” lists and publications across America. “We are excited to work with Drink Deck and their popular platform on major market expansion and philanthropy development  throughout the nation. Will and the Drink Deck team have stood out as industry leaders, and we are thrilled to stand with them in making both a brand and philanthropic impact in major markets across the United States,” said Chris Foltz of Christopher Foltz & Company.

About Drink Deck

 Everyone wants to go to their local bar and have a bartender friend buy a round or two, now imagine if there was a way to get this perk at all the best bar scenes across your town.  This is exactly what Drink Deck does for you! The bar enthusiasts travel and discount guide to the best bar scenes in Chicago, IL and Portland, OR, Drink Deck combines savings and urban exploration with a full 52 card deck of professional poker sized playing cards.  Each card represents a local bar, simply present the card, have the bartender rip off the bottom left corner and you instantly get $10 of your tab. This unique product has been dubbed, “the perfect guy gift”. Combining savings, urban exploration and a deck of professional poker sized playing cards Drink Deck features celebrated “hoods” of the Windy City or the dynamic “quadrants” of PDX!

For more information about Drink Deck, and for a complete list of participating locations and retailers please click here.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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