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Chicago Music Legend Vince Lawrence Partners with Christopher Foltz & Co

Slang Music Group announces partnership with Chris Foltz to Energize the Chicago Music Scene. “I am extremely excited about working with Chris Foltz and his team. They look at marketing and public relations through a different lens just like us at Slang.”


It  Has  Always  Been  About  The  Music  to  Me…

 Chicago May 2nd 2012: Multi-Platinum award winning producer and chart topping remix specialist Vince Lawrence announces his partnership with Chicago PR/Marketing Firm Christopher Foltz & Company, as he gears up to launch a national-awareness campaign that will draw attention to the roots and raw talent of the Chicago music scene. With Chicago already leading the way in categories such as foodie culture and eco-initiatives, the music scene is on the rise, launching some of the leading talents in the industry right out of Chicago.

Vince Lawrence and Slang Music Group have been on the music radar since the mid 80’s. Lawrence helped revolutionize the music industry as an artists and producer who helped define, and is credited with creating an entire music genre. With the fall of disco in the late 70’s, Lawrence began adding new beats and rhythm to some of the local scene’s leading songs, with synthesizer in hand. Fast forward 25 years to find Slang Music Group sitting atop the record label and industry leaders lists of producers. Vince and his team have filled the major labels need for great remixes, providing chart topping work for Britney Spears, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, R. Kelly, John Legend, and many others.

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Lawrence and Slang Music Group have entered a new partnership with Chris Foltz and his team at Christopher Foltz & Company to put Chicago back at the forefront of the music industry. Christopher Foltz & Company’s new Lifestyle division will play home to the public relations and marketing efforts for Lawrence and Slang’s impressive roster of musical industry leaders and up-and-comers.

“It has always been about the music for me. From a young kid growing up on the South Side of Chicago all the way to where I am now…the music has always been my passion. Chicago has so much to offer to both new and seasoned musicians. I am extremely excited about working with Chris Foltz and his team. They look at marketing and public relations through a different lens just like us at Slang. This is going to be an exciting year for music in Chicago and across the industry,” commented Vince Lawrence.

Christopher Foltz & Company has grown from its humble roots in a child’s bedroom in Evanston just under two years ago to a venerable powerhouse in the Chicago marketing, PR, and strategic relationship industry. Foltz and his team have worked with industry leaders from all walks of local and national life. From day to day image and branding for major Chicago based businesses, to national charity minded ad campaigns and product launches, Christopher Foltz & Company has had their hands in major campaigns (including the 2011 Chicago Mayoral Elections) in less than two years.

“I couldn’t be more excited about launching our new division working with THE Vince Lawrence. He created a music genre, so naturally we’re excited to expand on that with him. We’re involved in the world of advertising and marketing, and Vince has set the bar high with his work on major campaigns like Pepsi, Loreal, Taco Bell, Honda, etc., in addition to his contribution to the music industry. Needless to say, we’re ready and anxious to take both the Chicago music and national advertising industries to the next level,” commented Chris Foltz.

With Chicago serving as home to music giants like R. Kelly, Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Twista, Slang Music Group is taking the platinum level production right into the studio with fresh new talent. “Vince has always been known as the remix king to major labels and now he is really focused on working with the artist from day one on the original albums. This is going to add a level to the music that has never been heard before,” continued Foltz.

Foltz & Co have been working on the roll-out of Slang’s new branding which is set to hit the market in mid May 2012. With Christopher Foltz & Company scheduled to announce two additional strategic partnerships this month, rumors sore that the brand is teaming up with both a legend in the Chicago restaurant and bar scene as well as a local fashion industry leader to round out the new Lifestyle division. For more information on Christopher Foltz & Company you can visit For additional information on Vince Lawrence and Slang Music Group you can visit

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Written by Chris Foltz

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