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Chicago’s Uncommon Ground Welcomes Matthew Holmes as New Executive Chef

Celebrated Culinary Professional Comes by Way of Top West Coast Dining Destinations. Uncommon Ground is hosting a special media and culinary blogger preview of the new menu on Thursday 6/21 at 6pm at the Devon location.

When Going Green Comes with the Best Flavor

 CHICAGO, IL: 6/20/2012– Chicago based Uncommon Ground, the restaurant industry’s leading environmental innovator, brings on acclaimed Executive Chef Matthew Holmes to evolve the eco-friendly hotspot with his simple and sexy menu. Uncommon Ground is hosting a special media and culinary blogger preview of the new menu on Thursday 6/21 at 6pm at the Devon location.

A pioneer in the hospitality business, Matthew Holmes brings his extensive chef experience to one of Chicago’s top foodie destinations – Uncommon Ground’s Devon location. Holmes has already set gears to elevate the already menu-focused restaurant into a true not to be missed dining experience.

Committed to excellence in the quality of his food, Holmes is responsible for the restaurant’s new menu additions and spins on long time menu classics. In a move to give guests what they are looking for, the new chef offers flavorful yet simple vegetarian and vegan dishes as opposed to the Chicago meat-focused menu trend of the past. Embracing a technique of simplicity, his dishes feature savory ingredients that don’t get lost in a sea of unnecessary extras.

“Already an industry leader as a Certified Green Restaurant, I wanted to update Uncommon Ground’s menu to make the restaurant a leader for its simple and sexy dishes as well,” said Holmes. “Extraordinary food is all about the juxtaposition of combining the subtle with flavors, and our new menu showcases this fact.”

Originally from The La’Borge Resort in Arizona, Holmes received his BA in Hospitality Management and AOS in Culinary Arts. With his thorough education and training as a chef, Holmes spent years specializing in fine dining at hotels and resorts. Gaining invaluable experience at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, Holmes got his start as the PM Sous Chef before taking over as the Executive Sous Chef. Holmes also worked as the Executive Chef at Restaurant Max, The Hotel Minneapolis and Guthrie Theatre, as well as the Sous Chef at L’Auberge de Sedona, before taking his new position at Uncommon Ground.

“It has always been about the food to me. Presentation is key, but flavor and dining experience are everything. I am honored to call one of the nation’s top restaurants home and look forward to working with the Camerons and the Uncommon Ground team to bring this world class establishment to the next level,” continued Holmes.

Named the “Greenest Restaurant in America” in 2011 by the Green Restaurant Association, Uncommon Ground has taken over 116 measures to ensure the most eco-friendly dining experience in the nation with its two locations.  Committed to taking better care of our planet, the restaurant features Chicago’s first certified organic rooftop farm, where all of Uncommon Ground’s food is grown.

“Like a good recipe when you put ingredients together to make something extraordinary – that’s how our team felt about Matthew when we met him,” commented Uncommon Ground’s Co-Owner Helen Cameron.  “He is a personable guy and his dishes reflect this, allowing our menu to be accessible to more people.”

With all of Uncommon Ground’s food grown on the restaurant’s rooftop in a commitment to be eco-friendly, Holmes has easy access to ingredients to constantly innovate his dishes and attract new customers. “It’s pretty sweet that I can just walk upstairs to get food,” Chef Holmes remarked.

For more information on Uncommon Ground, visit their website at: or stop by the Devon location at 1401 West Devon Avenue.  To RSVP to the private media and culinary blogger event please send an email to or call Ashley at 312-772-4865.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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