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Custody Battle Continues This Month for Priceless Bahia Emerald

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 09, 2013 – Over a decade after its discovery, the high profile legal battle continues for ownership of the rare Bahia Emerald, an 840-pound gem that is considered to be the world’s largest and heaviest emerald. Recognized as one of the most renowned lawsuits in California history, the case has gained an international following. Per court documents, a half-dozen or so claimants have already settled out of court with FM Holdings, Inc. (Ferrara Morrison Holdings). The remaining three respondents, FM Holdings, Inc., Mark Downie and Anthony Thomas, will face off again on case number BS118649 in January at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in the Los Angeles Superior Court district.

After nearly six years of court dates and hearings, January’s case is an extension of the April 2011 case where, per court documents, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John A. Kronstadt found Anthony Thomas’ claim of ownership of the Bahia Emerald not credible. After the ruling, Kronstadt was sworn in as a federal district judge and was replaced by Judge Michael Johnson. Wishing to hear the case himself and make an independent ruling, Judge Johnson has brought the case to light yet again.

Per court documents, FM Holdings, Inc., comprised of real life “Indiana Jones” Jerry J. FerraraKit Morrison, a private equity financier, and accounting and financial expert Todd Armstrong, maintains it has the valid legal title to the Bahia Emerald and alleges that it also has an equitable claim to title as bona fide purchasers of the Bahia Emerald. Law firms Greene Broillet & Wheeler and Balaban & Spielberger represent FM Holdings, Inc.

“We stand behind our claim and are confident that we will prevail as the legal and rightful owner of the Bahia Emerald,” said Jerry J. Ferrara, founder of Global Quest TV and prominent historical researcher.

In the National Geographic Special “The 400 Million Dollar Emerald,” researchers and experts follow the Bahia Emerald from the mines of Brazil’s Bahia Region in 2001. The emerald, which contains more than 180,000 carats of emerald crystals, is being held at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department evidence locker until the case is resolved. The Bahia emerald has been appraised as high as $900 million dollars.

Ferrara and Morrison are no strangers to priceless artifacts. Ferrara’s Global Quest team of researchers were responsible for uncovering the fourth authentic Mayan Codex in Sept. 2012. To date, this is the only complete Mayan Codex discovered and includes both the front and back hand carved wood covers. The missing codex has been safeguarded for almost three centuries by a family who are direct blood descendants of the House of David. Forensic analysis and micron auger testing dates the codex to 1540 AD (+/- 70 years) which places it towards the end of the Mayan civilization.

“I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top researchers and archaeologists in the world and I’ve never seen anything quite like this piece. Preliminary research with leading period scholars lend me to believe the piece might be directly related to the Mayan Calendar, particularly the Mayan T’zolkin Spiritual Calendar,” said Ferrara who serves as the custodian of antiquities and ancient texts for the family who owns the codex.

Several renowned national museums are vying to purchase the codex but with the final destination still being determined, it is currently back in the safety of the family. A private meeting is being arranged to translate the codex which will consist of the top archaeologists, scientists and academics from around the world. Visit for more information on the missing codex, as well as never before seen photos and video taken during the analysis process.

Ferrara and the Global Quest team are also working on a project that features what is said to be the only existing unrestored Leonardo Da Vinci painting of Jesus Christ. With preliminary analysis and signature authentication on the piece already showing promise, researchers are preparing for X-ray analysis to shed light on what even a highly trained eye cannot depict.

For more information on Jerry J. Ferrara and the Bahia Emerald, you can visit GlobalQuest.TV, or contact the organizations public affairs representative Christopher Foltz at 312-772-4865.

Written by Chris Foltz

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