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There’s Writing and Then There’s Writing

For many, many, many years I have been creating short works of fiction. Definitely in the hobby category.

Recently I have drastically reduced my fiction in favor of business writing. I had lumped all my business writing together into a single category and counted it all as “work time,” and not giving thought to prioritizing among the pieces. Just like my fiction writing which was entirely a hobby.

But, it isn’t all the same. Some of it is “timely.” Better to write about someone’s upcoming lecture in advance so that people can attend.

Some of it is actually topical concerning startups, investors, perhaps including marketing or .

Some of it is internal documents directly related to RSL’s acquisition.

And then there are pieces like this. Even if they are published on our business website, I think they are still more play than work and that being the case, the bulk of my writing is still a hobby.

When we get big enough to have timecards, I probably don’t get to list these. Even without them, I shouldn’t be counting them as work hours.

But hopefully, you enjoy them regardless.

Written by Russell Brand

Entrepreneur in residence at Founder Institute, he has mentored, performed due diligence on and invested in numerous early stage companies. Hundreds of these early stage companies have described Russell’s insights and advice as the most useful thing in the history of their companies. He has always had an inborn ability to find more valuable uses of new ideas and faster ways to achieve results.

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