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Downtown Chicago’s Millennium Garages Home to the Largest Green Rooftop in the World

Chicago’s premier parking garage system, Millennium Garages, is brimming with pride to have the iconic Millennium Park upon its roof. Millennium Park is not only an aesthetic and functional piece of urban architecture; it has set a new standard for design and green innovation around the world.

Millennium Park Listed as One of Only Three U.S. Locations in Global Top 10

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CHICAGO, Aug. 3, 2012  — Chicago’s premier parking garage system,Millennium Garages, is brimming with pride to have the iconic Millennium Park upon its roof.Millennium Park is not only an aesthetic and functional piece of urban architecture; it has set a new standard for design and green innovation around the world. Atop two of Millennium Garages‘ underground parking locations and an active commuter rail yard, the 99,127 sq.-meter park has been named the world’s “Largest Green Roof” by Engineering News-Record (, the proverbial bible of the construction industry.

A green rooftop is an ecological workhorse and its benefits are realized by the community and government at large through providing corrosion resistance, reducing storm water runoff, acoustic protection, lower energy consumption, creating habitat for birds and insects, and ultimately reducing the heat caused by urban congestion.

Today, green roofs are increasingly gaining ground and political support worldwide, especially in urban cities. The City of Chicago is home to more green rooftops than any other city in the country, with over 200 that cover 2.5 million sq.-feet. Chicago is leading the way for urban areas across the nation when it comes to eco and green initiatives.

The “Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Buildings Initiative” recently extended the program from municipal buildings to 14 commercial buildings throughout the city, totaling 14 million sq.-feet, saving more than $5 million a year in energy costs over the next five years while generating 100 new jobs. Chicago has seen rise in green tax incentives, promotion of green vehicle use, and even one of the world’s greenest restaurants, Uncommon Ground, located on the north side. With last month’s announcement of Millennium Garages‘ famous roof as the largest green rooftop on the planet, garage administration is encouraging visitors to enjoy all Millennium Park has to offer this summer.

Excited over the park’s new green recognition, Dennis Pedrelli of Millennium Garages said, “It is clearly more than a roof or an outdoor green space for us. Millennium Park has transformed the physical and economic vitality of the city, making a positive green impact on the businesses around.” Millennium Park attracts millions of visitors from around the globe annually, andMillennium Garages‘ leadership is honored to serve as a premier parking system for downtown commuters and tourists alike.

Keeping up with Chicago’s focus on becoming a more environmental-friendly and sustainable city,Millennium Garages is already making strides in the eco-department through electric vehicle charging stations, major garage renovations, and new promotional campaigns to encourage shared rides and plans to incorporate incentives to environmentally conscious parkers.

So how close in size to Millennium Park are the rest of the World’s Top Ten? Millennium Garages‘ green rooftop is almost 20,000 square meters larger than the list’s number two, the Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt, Germany. If you think that is an impressive number, Millennium Park is 74,845 sq-meters larger than number ten on the list – the Vancouver Convention Centre in Canada. To see the entire list and to read what the roof leaders are doing to make their eco mark on the world visit

For more information on Chicago’s Millennium Garages and their green initiatives, visit

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Written by Chris Foltz

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