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Entertainment on the World’s Biggest Screen

Over the years, my tv has grown from 98.5 inches to 85 inches. (Yes, I am ancient.)

A really big movie screen is 85 feet.

But all that is tiny compared to the biggest screen in the world — The Horizon.

And among the finest of all shows on that hugest of all screen are .

Pathloom has been kind enough to create a schedule of all the upcoming meteor showers in America. They assure that me that neither Covid nor other crises will cause the meteor showers to be canceled. For people who want the best of all possible Meteor viewing experiences, Pathloom can help you plan a trip far away from light pollution and other distractions.

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Meteor showers — you can rely on. And many of my friends do. I try not to think about my old failed business that failed to sell back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

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