Feb. 15: Perfect Time to Prep for Valentine’s Day (

Did you forget Valentine’s Day? Their birthday? Your anniversary? National Forgetfulness Day?

Fear not.

Start today (Feb 15) with Valentine’s Day and never forget again.

The plan is simple:

  1. As you reach each holiday (even if you don’t remember until embarrassingly too late), create an email for next year.
  2. Include appropriate thoughts and a picture.
  3. Have your mailer to delay sending it until the appropriate day.

When the time comes, if you remember and can do something better, you can remove it from the queue; if you forget, well, at least the email goes out.

For bonus points, you have

  1. CC yourself so you remember what you said.
  2. Have a reminder set for yourself a few days before.

Even without the bonus points, it’s still much better than nothing.




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Posted by Russell Brand

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