Gemini: write a love poem using ideas from astrophysics (

(My first use of Gemini)

My love, a supernova in my heart you flare,

A singularity where all my feelings share

A gravitational pull, a cosmic might,

Your love, a black hole, swallowing the night.

Like galaxies in constant, swirling dance,

Our lives entwine, a beautiful expanse.

Through eons past, our paths were set to meet,

Two neutron stars, colliding, oh so sweet.

Your laughter, starlight twinkling in the void,

Your eyes, deep pools where wisdom is deployed.

We whisper secrets in the Milky Way’s embrace,

Our love, a language stardust can retrace.

In constellations etched across the sky,

I see your smile, a beacon ever nigh.

Though time may bend, and space may warp and twist,

Our love, a constant, forever will persist.

Like dark matter, unseen yet holding strong,

My love for you, a whispered, endless song.

So let us journey, hand in hand we roam,

Across the universe, forever finding home.

For you, my love, are more than flesh and bone,

You are the universe, and I, forever known,

As yours, a satellite in your loving spin,

Forever bound, a love that knows no end.


Bard generated this image for the poem it composed (additional images below)



Bard generated this image for the poem it composed (additional images below)



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