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Irony, Loneliness, Feeling Left Out and Paywalls

I saw the title and first sentence of what is probably a wonderful story on how to reduce through kindness, volunteering, and getting involved.

Seemed like a great New Year's day topic for me to summarize and then link back to the detailed article.

But it was not to be.

Between the article and the public is a .

At a glance, the only way my readers or I can read that article is to accept an auto-renewal that the seventh generation of my descendants will inherit.

I don't mind paying for that article. Or to buying a one-month pass. But to have to remember to unsubscribe or cancel, it's just not worth it to me.

That is not a new problem or a new thought. I should have included it in my Festivus airing of grievances. Maybe next year.

But it bothers me more to not be able to read an article about remedies for feeling excluded because I was excluded. And, more importantly, it reminds me how much value the world at large and I personally get from content creators.

So today's and go out to every content creator & content owner that make it practical for me to partake of their content.

Special mention to donation-supported organizations including and that add so much to my life. If you join me in supporting them, then today's gratitude and baby animal pictures are for you too

Written by Russell Brand

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