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Hip Publication “The Printed Blog” Making Its Mark by Mixing New and Traditional Media

Acclaimed “Deja Vu” Issue Features Deadmau5, Tyler Shields, Francesca Eastwood, and More. The 36-page “Déjà Vu” issue released under the guidance of guest editors, New York Times best-seller Maddox and Heroin Life editor Neal Boulton.

Like the internet, Only Flammable

 CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2012  — Thanks to a recent investment in The Printed Blog, the magazine is debuting its largest issue to date, the 36-page “Déjà Vu” issue released under the guidance of guest editors, New York Times best-seller Maddox and Heroin Life editor Neal Boulton.

The Printed Blog is the world’s first and only print magazine featuring blog content hand-picked from around the web paired with photography from renowned photographers around the world. First founded in 2009 by Chicago entrepreneur Joshua Karp and celebrity photographer Tyler ShieldsThe Printed Blog has made a commitment to find the best content the web has to offer and to make sure the value of its content is captured in a format that commands the attention it deserves, consequently supporting an often undervalued community of bloggers.

When a call for submissions was first put out, Déjà Vu was defined as a feeling of familiarity, a strange sensation, a moment to relive something either real or imagined. The response was overwhelming and with more pages than ever, The Printed Blog offered its contributors a payment of $50 for little more than giving permission to print. Blogs and photography carefully chosen by esteemed guest editors were laid out on 36 glossy 11 by 17 pages reflecting the Déjà Vu theme. Posts from acclaimed bloggers Babe Walker, Michael Arrington, Kelly Oxford, and the Bitchy Waiter and images featuring Jeremy PivenJay-Z, and Francesca Eastwood, with photography from Tyler Shields, Seven Artists Management, Ben Trivett, and 500px were all a major part of the issue. Déjà Vu issues also include interviews with high-profile authors and photographers, as well as a special spread featuring summer festival coverage, interviews with the likes of EDM artists Big Gigantic and Gramatik, and a blog post written by Deadmau5.

 Capitalizing on this momentum, The Printed Blog looks to expand its awareness around the Chicago market, and help define the bloggers voice and presence as the true modern-day journalist. Recently named as a featured media sponsor for the acclaimed “NEXT Fashion Chicago” event on October 16th during the city’s Fashion Focus week, The Printed Blog will continue to provide the highest quality content and photography during the celebration of couture in the nation’s third largest market. The issue is also marking the debut of the new subscription offering from The Printed Blog which brings twelve issues of the classy publication right to your home from less than $5 a month.

“This publication is leading the way in a new movement for bloggers that will allow them the same access and prestige as traditional media-outlets. I for one am a huge supporter of treating leading bloggers like the journalists they are, and am working hard to ensure bloggers receive the same accolades and recognition as any other form of mainstream media,” remarked leading Chicago-based Publicist Chris Foltz, founder of Christopher Foltz & Company.

The Printed Blog gained national coverage with articles in the New York Times and was named one of Businessweek’s most promising start-ups and can now be found all over the world. For more information about The Printed Blog – including subscription info, Support The Printed Blog by donating to its Kickstarter at

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Written by Chris Foltz

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