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If I can’t run away to join the circus, can I move my office to a theme park?

I have a fair amount of experience with a small number of theme parks. This isn’t vaguely plausible at any of them. And I don’t imagine it being fun at any of them even if I could pull it off.

On the other hand, Carly Caramanna has made it work at Universal Studios Hollywood and after reading her insider article,  I think that I am jealous.

In some ways, it sounds a lot like working out of cafes as many of us did pre-pandemic and perhaps it is really the same.

“I’m at Disney working on my MVP.”

But, it sounds like it has a different feel to it and in fact some sashay to it.

Compare, “I’m at a coffee shop working on my MVP,” to “I’m at a Univeral Studio working on my MVP.”

There are certain coffee shops in Silicon Valley where, pre-pandemic, people did this regularly, and including the name of the cafe would make sounds normal to people in the know. For example, “I’m at Red Rock working on my MVP.”

But back to Universal. It doesn’t sound very different to me than saying “I’m at an amusement park working on my MVP.” Sea World, Legoland, or Busch Gardens has a better ring to it, but I think it would sound coolest with Disney World or Disney Land. “I’m at Disney working on my MVP.” Just something special about Disney.

All internal meetings are conducted waiting in line — when the ride starts, the meeting ends, period.

For a lot of reasons, I don’t think it could make it work at Disney, but Carly made it work for herself at Universal.

What about for a small team? All internal meetings are conducted waiting in line — when the ride starts, the meeting ends, period.

Prospective investors get sent park tickets. Ditto for company parties.

Your kid has off from school today, but you have to work, just bring him to the office. Been stumped at what to say at a mixer, or how to start a session with the media? Never again.

I don’t know about the realities of doing this, but the traveling circuses of my youth and legend don’t exist anymore. This is the closest I imagine I could come.

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