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Illinois Back Institute signs Agency. of Record with CFCo

Illinois Back Institute

 CFCo is excited to be representing the prestigious and nationally recognized back specialist, Illinois Back Institute. With a revolutionary new treatment Dr. Jeff and the talented staff at Illinois Back institute has cured patients suffering years of back pain, and all without surgery. The patent pending Progressive Disc Rehydration currently has a 100% success rate for healing damaged discs, previously only possible through surgery and is exclusively practiced at Illinois Back Institute. Dr. Jeff is so passionate about curing people’s pain he recently started a foundation where he donates his time, services and funds to those most in need. The Dr. Jeff Foundation saw a need in treating NFL greats who now suffer from chronic back pain due to many years of playing a professional contact sport. When Dr. Jeff is not changing lives by curing patients of ongoing, excruciating back pain, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Stella and children.

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The Revolutionary Treatment Proven to End Back Pain

For years, we’ve been told that back pain is something to cope with, that damage to discs cannot be fixed or changed. As a result, patients with back pain undergo invasive surgeries or take strong medications for temporary fixes that never last. Patients like you live everyday with pain.

Dr. Jeff Winternheimer and the Illinois Back Institute sought a better way. Struggling with his own chronic back pain for years and looking for a way to help his hurting patients, Dr. Jeff developed a non-surgical, natural treatment to live pain-free.

“Progressive Disc Rejuvenation” does the impossible by rehydrating discs, reversing the effects of herniated and degenerated discs. In a formal research study, Progressive Disc Rejuvenation has been proven to improve 100% of patients.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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