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Is unlimited willpower possible?

Perhaps even easy

When we believe things to be hard or even impossible, they tend to be hard or even impossible.

Sometimes when we believe things to be easy, they remain hard or even impossible.

But sometimes, they do become easy.

David Robson claims in his BBC article that this is true about willpower. To me, this is not just amazing but miraculous.

There seems to be some data on his side for this, and the story is very much like that of the Dweck growth mindset, where the data is very, very strong.

In both cases, shifting to the unlimited mindset is difficult if you don’t already have it. (Perhaps I should convince myself that such shifts are themselves easy…)

Among the most effective way to shift one’s own beliefs is to work to convince others that it is true. So I need you to believe!

And now I know Tinker Bell must feel.


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  1. Nicely written and important lesson for all of us. We own how we view our world and how we respond to it. Also reminds me of sonja lyubomirsky research on happiness where she found that folks have a baseline level of happiness. Some folks are fortunate enough to be born with an above average baseline. Luckily for the rest of us, we can do things to increase our happiness levels that starts with realizing our happiness is a choice

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