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Mining for Molecules

The oldest arms race in world

The oldest arms race in the world is between bacteria.

This arms race is fought with antibiotics—bacteria trying to kill bacteria.

Over the course of 3 billion years, those antibiotics or molecular parts of them have been lying around in ocean mud, swamps, and most everywhere old and wet.

Pieces of these and other small molecules are often biologically active and useful for humans.

Biosortia Microbiomics mines these small molecules.

There is no other practical way to discover the vast majority of these small molecules.

Biosortia’s founder, Ross Youngs, is speaking on Feb 24th at George Mason University on how this all works and why it is even more important than I make it sound.

He’s a great speaker, and it will be available live over zoom.

(Disclaimer: I am one of the early investors in Biosortia.)

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