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New Video Technology takes Web Browser Based Application Industry by Storm

New Video Technology takes Web Browser Based Application Industry by Storm
Chicago, IL – April 5th 2011 – is a new Web-based service that lets individual consumers, corporations, and organizations customize animated video templates to create their own automated media. FliXpress’ feature rich presentation quality videos include high quality 3D animation and online video ads directed to the consumer. The easy-to-use and affordable online service saves users hundreds of dollars by utilizing high-end animated templates which people can customize and render in minutes. Most animated templates on FliXpress cost between $3 and $25 per rendered video.

The fast and user-friendly service allows the final output of animated templates to be used as TV ads, web videos and promos, product promotion, presentations, animated intros for shows and live events, and even as personal photo galleries and video e-cards. For those companies or individuals requiring more complex customizable media, FliXpress offers a wide range of custom options.

“By utilizing animated templates we’ve made high-end media production much more affordable and accessible for individuals and companies,” said Dr. Sev Hrywnak, Co-Founder and CFO of FliXpress. “Anyone can create high-end, broadcast quality media for just a few dollars in only minutes by using FliXpress – something that traditionally would have cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and would have taken several days to produce,” concluded Dr. Hrywnak.

FliXpress adds new animated templates weekly to their ever growing database. To stay on top of the latest social media trends, FliXpress offers direct integration with Facebook and YouTube, the ability to email the link to friends or clients, or a one click download in standard and HD formats. “A seven year old can do it, a seventy year old can do it,” said Brij Desai, CMO of FliXpress

Companies will benefit by saving time and money using FliXpress. “As a marketing executive I see FliXpress opening the door to a new demographic using video as a staple in everyday presentations, resumes, and press kits. As a producer and director for 30 years, the technology is feature rich and allows for a new hip small business world entering the television advertising market,” said Loren Comitor , partner at Chicago based Christopher Foltz & Company.  In the television advertising arena, FliXpress’ Direct Delivery Pipeline allows processed video to be delivered directly to the cable networks via FTP and cloud storage, in addition to digital signage playlists, or mobile devices. Custom API’s can be developed to meet specific service integration needs.

“Companies of all sizes will greatly benefit from our custom media automation option,” said Andrey Arkhipov, Co-Founder and CTO of FliXpress. “We can design media specifically for their brand, which can then be customized from any browser in minutes,” concluded Mr. Arkhipov.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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