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New VIPorbit Mobile Application Making Communication More Efficient and Effective for Businesses

ACT! Founder Mike Muhney has done it again with new mobile application VIPorbit. In the past there was no singular, effective mobile app to elevate the value of our relationships. However, in recent years users have increasingly made mobile relationship management a top priority.

Relationships do not stop when you leave the office…

 CHICAGO, July 30, 2012 ( — Why isn’t the iPhone more productive? That’s the question a lot of business professionals are asking with increasing urgency. While there is a whole world of mobile apps available for iPhone, users are left switching back and forth between countless business-focused apps to increase productivity. In today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy world, boosting mobile relationship efficiency is the key to rich communication, collaboration, and the accelerated productivity and competitive advantages. In the past there was no singular, effective mobile app to elevate the value of our relationships. However, in recent years users have increasingly made mobile relationship management a top priority.

With platforms for communication, contacts, and scheduling built in to mobile devices by default, being able to leverage the information quickly is a key objective left underachieved. Whom better to address this absence than the person who co-invented the industry of contact management software. Mike Muhney, who pioneered the industry in the late 80’s with ACT! Contact Management software, is at it again with a modern day answer to the industry’s needs, VIPorbit®. In true form, Muhney has created another industry, Mobile Relationship Management.

 Millions of people want to have an easy to use solution that can help them manage and build relationships every day, and more importantly, a program that fits the needs of our constantly moving society. The market needs a mobile app that aids today’s increasingly mobile professionals who aren’t always tethered to a desktop, in managing business relationships on their iPhones while on the go; an app offering easy communication, scheduling, automated activity tracking, quick access to summary of events and calendar, staying connected, and transforming the way we work. Muhney‘s VIPorbit® is that application.

“Think how much easier it will be for users to deal with more people, more effectively, if a mobile app could manage all the details about their contacts and calendar for them,” remarked MikeMuhney, CEO & Co-Founder of VIPorbit®Muhney who has been featured in the media nationwide is also on a speaking tour helping bridge the gap for business and consumer relationships. “We have made VIPorbit® free for all to enjoy. We are not just trying to be the best application in the industry, we are changing the industry. We want every person to benefit like we have so making it free was a must for us.” While the free version is full-featured, VIPorbit® does offer a paid version of the application that allows users to manage an unlimited number of contacts.

“Where most feature rich CRM systems like ours charge monthly fees, even our paid version is a one time charge of $10. It has always been about changing the way the world communicates and interacts, and that is exactly what we are doing,” commented Muhney.

Muhney and the VIPorbit® team have already made an impact on many industries’ relationship productivity. From the real estate world to independent business owners, VIPorbit® makes it easy for just about every business and professional to categorize their relationships and see where networking in general make their lives more efficient. Muhney continued – “We even have teachers that build orbits to quickly communicate with the parents of their students, organized by grade and subject. This allows them to get the information about classroom activities out quickly so that education and information doesn’t stop when the school bell rings.”

The VIPorbit® office is fielding inquiries from key leaders in many different industries. “This past week political campaigns looking for an intuitive communication platform have been at the top of our inbound call list. With the iPad dominating the market place and the choice for on the go business computing, our new VIPorbit® iPad version really makes an impact on all industries,” commented Kristi Elmendorf, VP and Co-Founder of VIPorbit®.

With practical use for the app in every industry, said Muhney‘s VIPorbit®  “is a game changer.”  VIPorbit® is also the only full-featured Mobile Relationship Manager designed for the iPhone. To see all of the features of the application and to get your free download today

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Written by Chris Foltz


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