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Northwestern Wildcats Legend Darnell Autry signs CFCo on as Publicist

Does #24 still have it, or is his number up? 24 Again – Darnell Autry

Team Autry Entertainment is currently developing its debut project, 24 Again. This project is intended to explore the international passion for American Football. Here is the premise of this reality-based docudrama, 24 Again: Beyond America’s sidelines, former college  football star returns to the game after 10 years off the turf. From a home field with a global  backdrop, this story explores the international popularity of American football through a firsthand account, while uncovering the talents, competitiveness and lifestyles of his teammates. Does #24 still have it, or is his number up?

Starring in the show will be Darnell Autry, who played running back at Northwestern University from 1994-1997. During the 1995-96 season, Darnell finished fourth in the Heisman Trophy race, appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and helped lead the Wildcats to the Rose Bowl, a feat undone at Northwestern in nearly 50 years. After college, he played three seasons in the National Football League: one with the Chicago Bears and two with the Philadelphia Eagles. As the star of 24 Again, Darnell will once again throw on his helmet as a member of an international club football team. Europe offers a unique perspective on American Football and with Darnell coming back to the game he is a legendary for in America a decade ago, will he still have what it takes to make it?

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Written by Chris Foltz

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