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Perhaps Bard is Not a Playwright

Disappointing first experience with Bard

I had asked to write a happy ending for Dear Evan Hansen.

I was pretty happy with the result.

I then asked Google's Bard to do the same and was disappointed.

To be fair, I have been using ChatGPT intensively for months, and this was literally my first attempt to use Bard.

Still, I was disappointed.

I was able to get a lot of variants that were all terrible in that they missed the essence of the happy ending.

There were other issues that I presume, with more experience with Bard, I could have resolved, but this one is key, and I got nowhere with it before running out of patience.

I couldn't find one screenful from the session that was worth pasting into this piece.

Didn't tools have different strengths, and perhaps being a Bard is not one of Bard's. Still, unlike ChatGPT, at least Bard didn't moralize at me.



Written by Russell Brand

Entrepreneur in residence at Founder Institute, he has mentored, performed due diligence on and invested in numerous early stage companies. Hundreds of these early stage companies have described Russell’s insights and advice as the most useful thing in the history of their companies. He has always had an inborn ability to find more valuable uses of new ideas and faster ways to achieve results.

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