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Preventing Hallucination in ChatGPT

Is it really this simple?

Jon Martindale explained how to use plugins to have read PDF files.

In the article, his prompt included a clever idea on how to get ChatGPT to stop hallucinating.

I want you to be clear and concise. Do not guess or hallucinate answers — if you don't know the answer, say as such.

I like it. I don't imagine that it is perfect, but probably much better than nothing.

I wonder if I can get it to work with people.

I want you to be kind and coherent. Do not obsicufate or say mean things — if you don't have something to say that is useful, kind and intelligible, rather than answering poorly, just say, “tell me more.”

In fact, I'm going to start by telling it to myself before each office hours session.

Written by Russell Brand

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