I love . Especially illumination fonts. When I was a small child, one of the high points of the month was seeing the font featured in the Uppercase Lowercase journal.

I hate fonts. I just received a deck that had been exported from Canva. To view it, I was asked to download 48 fonts. If PowerPoint has an “always download all the darn fonts needed” option, I haven’t found it. (Please feel free to tell me if it does exist.).

I love fonts.

Last year I was trying to work with a deck with non-standard glyph fonts. With the full fonts loaded, the deck was too big to email. Without them, it couldn’t be edited. And some of the viewing tools on some of the platforms in some of the localities couldn’t download those fonts at all. Ultimately we used images of a couple of symbols we needed.


I hate fonts.

I’ve seen decks where I couldn’t download the fonts and decks were gibberish as a result. Maybe they would have been gibberish regardless. I’ll never know.

I love fonts. Don’t let them be a barrier to your investor or other audience reading your deck.


Photo by Lalelu2000 on Pixabay

Written by Russell Brand

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