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The Prime Directive is Stupidity Incarnate

Last night we were watching an old : The Next Generation rerun.

In the episode, some low-technology planet is about to be destroyed by a solar event that they don't exists, wouldn't understand if they did know existed, and could not prevent or protect themselves from even if they could somehow understand it. Everyone on the planet is going to die. The only thing stopping the Enterprise from saving them is the Prime Directive.

General Order 1: “No starship may interfere with the normal development of any alien life or society.” General Order 1 is also known as the “Prime Directive.”

The goal was to preserve cultures. In this case, the application of the Prime Directive reminds me of the quote “The operation was a success but the patient died.” In high school debate, we would scream, “Frustration of Purpose.”

Our Journey to Sense & Kindness — boldly go where too few have gone before.

Are your office rules/procedures similar frustrating?

Do they get in the way of providing quality service?

Do they get in the way of the employees' quality of life?

You don't need to wait until the late 24th century of Captain Picard to remove the rules that get in the way of your own team. And apparently waiting until the late 24th century won't help.

Instead, perhaps right now, you can set such a good example that the stupidity of General Order 1 will never come to be.

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Our Journey to Sense & Kindness — go boldly where too few have gone before. And take me with you.

Each such rule you remove counts as #suckagereduction and could earn you a .

Written by Russell Brand

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