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Television Personality and Host Jane Monzures pens representation deal with Christopher Foltz & Company

Jane Monzures

Jane is indeed a media darling…having graced the airwaves at various radio and television stations across the country. Her whip smart spirit and sassy antidotes will put a smile on your face. Friends say, guys want to date her and girls want to be friends with her. You can hear Jane’s voice on various local and national commercials and you may also catch exclusive clientele wearing an original JEM-Stone couture creation from her fashion forward clothing line JEM Stone. Because, if it wasn’t for a good night out, who would really have the best looking wardrobe?

Jane can be seen every week on “Living Healthy Chicago” showing on WGN and CLTV as well as also appearing on Chicago based WCIU.

America’s Plain Jane

America’s Plain Jane is Jane Monzures. She takes everyday simple items and recreates them into something special; its food – remade; fashion – restyled; and home décor – refurbished. The unique blend of humor, creativity, talent and fun allows this “Plain Jane” to take the average and make it amazing. Breathing new life in the hum-drum, drab, old and boring, Jane will transform what is considered trash into treasure.

Jane also visits whip-smart, visionary women inside their real American homes to show off their untapped culinary talents, self-styled fashion trends, and original home decorating techniques. Plain Janes are everywhere taking the trivial and converting it to titillating, the mainstream and revamping it to magnificent. From drab to fab, the simple is finally something… you just never knew it until now. A “Plain Jane” is the crafty, modern “household heroine” who is clever and inventive in all aspects of her life.

America’s Plain Jane is the domestic diva that lives inside all of us.

For more information about Jane click here.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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