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For Valentine’s Day, I asked various #chatbots, “What would a romantic robot say?”

Google’s #Gemini gave me nine suggestions. Three in each of three categories.

Each of the others only gave me one.

It would not have been hard for me to have asked any of the others for multiple choices in multiple categories, but I didn’t think of it.

I could have re-asked the question several times. I didn’t.

It would have presumably been easy for the other chatbots to have given me multiple answers in multiple categories.

They didn’t.

Gemini’s answer, on average, may have been the poorest of the lot. But I won’t ever care about its average answer; I care about its best; the best for my particular unspecified purpose. Gemini had a huge advantage here.

A little while ago, I wrote a #CustomGPT named Diverse Image Creator to make cover art for my LinkedIn articles. Some of the power is that it takes care of the details like the aspect ratio, but perhaps more of the power is that it gives me several very different answers to choose among.

As different as the image at the beginning of this article and the one at its end.


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Posted by Russell Brand

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