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The Difficulties of Scuba Squirrels

I was recently working on an article that desperately needed a picture of scuba squirrel. It is surprisingly common.

Unfortunately, the images sites that I rely on didn’t have one for me to use.

Plenty of scuba. Plenty of squirrels. No scuba squirrels.

I wonder if one of the AI systems could blend one together for me (?)

Elsewhere, I did find a lot of fantastic scuba squirrel art of different types. On day one, I sent an email to each artist and vendor asking if I could use their image and link back to their studios or stores.

And then I’ve waited. It’s been more than 15 minutes. None of them have answered yet. I fear that that that other article is going to be delayed.

If the link near the top of this piece gives you a 404, I’m still waiting.

If the article isn’t there yet, you can check back tomorrow or even subscribe to eventually see the winning scuba squirrel. Perhaps you’ll even read that (much delayed) article.

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