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The Premier Basketball League Brings on Experienced Front Office Leadership Team

The PBL also highlights new website, regional play model, and new franchises

 CHICAGO, May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —  The Premier Basketball League announced the first round of front office leadership team hires this week. Since the 2011 season finals, the PBL administration has focused its efforts toward new initiatives, league development, and enhancing the PBL organizational structure to best suit the franchises, players and fans alike.

PBL Chairman Dr. Sev Hrywnak is dedicated to raising the bar for minor league basketball in America. “With the establishment of a true ‘front office’ for the PBL, we have the opportunity to be the first minor league sports league to function like a major league. This gives us the opportunity to offer solid support to our individual franchises like never before,” said Hrywnak.

“As Chairman of the Board I’ve brought this executive leadership team together for 2012 and we will create a board of directors that is comprised of the franchise owners, representatives and our executives. This will give the league the opportunity to focus on bringing entertainment and athleticism to our communities.”

The first wave of the leadership team combines over 50 years of experience in all facets of local, minor league and major league athletics. “We brought on a team of seasoned league veterans from all parts of the sports franchise world. From former professional league administers all the way to seasoned referees that view the league structure from a different perspective,” commented Brij Desai, new league President and Chief Executive Officer.

The first tier of league management includes:

  • Brij M. Desai, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • John Guy, Chief Operating Officer
  • Carrie Ann May, Vice President/Operations
  • Shayne Donahue, Vice President/ Sales & Marketing
  • Paul Carter, Vice President/Team Development
  • Chris Foltz, Vice President/Development
  • Dominic Turcotte, Director of International Development
  • Kevan Robbins, Director of League Partnerships
  • Chuck Miller, League Photographer & Media Specialist
  • Bo Lamotte, President/@Sports Television Network
  • PBL League Counsel, The Law Offices of Robbins, Saloman, & Patt, LTD.


“We are excited about what the PBL has to offer franchise owners, players, fans and most importantly, our communities,” said new league COO John Guy.

League development director Chris Foltz added, “We are excited about all of the interest from new markets in addition to existing teams in other minor leagues who are considering a jump to the PBL.  We support the teams who have been part of the league and the new franchises to come.”

The PBL continues its partnership and international television contract with @Sports Television Network. This makes the PBL the first minor league team to regularly broadcast its games on cable television, in addition to online and mobile settings. “This is definitely a talking point amongst both new franchise owners and league sponsors. It gives the PBL a reach like no other minor league team has…in any sport,” Desai concluded.

The PBL will be launching a new interactive website this month. In addition, on June 15th, PBL league officials will join the @Sports TV Network executives at the 2011 National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s annual Cable Show in Chicago to announce the first full wave of teams in their new regional play model.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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