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The Secret of the Hat

During the pandemic, I've started wearing a to video conferences.

It is not just an ordinary , it is a high-tech magic hat.

It is my hat of invisibility, when I wear it USB cameras can see me, but mere mortals cannot.

In this manner people (including small children) and pets (including stuffed animals) don't know that I am there and don't interrupt me.

The problem comes in when I forget to take the hat off and go to the sofa in the family room to watch videos — no one can see me, so they sit on top of me and squish me.

And they are worried that I will forget and still be wearing it on my morning run — then the cars might squish me.

So they are going to tether my hat to the ceiling as a way to keep me safe.

Written by Russell Brand

Entrepreneur in residence at Founder Institute, he has mentored, performed due diligence on and invested in numerous early stage companies. Hundreds of these early stage companies have described Russell’s insights and advice as the most useful thing in the history of their companies. He has always had an inborn ability to find more valuable uses of new ideas and faster ways to achieve results.



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