Saturn and its rings 
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The sun is flat and orbits Saturn

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I am wondering about having the most amplified post possible on Twitter.

Using beautiful graphics, a recent Economist article shows that articles from unreliable sites are amplified more than articles from reliable sites. According to Twitter’s own study being unreliable gets you more unearned amplification than just being conservative. (Hence articles from reliable liberal sites doubly disadvantaged.)

So, I’m going to see how I can do tweeting  “The sun is flat and orbits Saturn— except on Wednesdays.”

The sun is flat and orbits Saturn— except on Wednesdays

That is why Saturn has those rings, as you well know. Don’t try to convince me that those rings are a hoax, or swamp gas, or some other type of chicanery. Those rings are real. They come from the dead batteries being ejected from the sun.

And if I get success with that, perhaps I can try

  • Erotica was invented to distract spies from stealing nuclear weapon secrets
  • The American Civil War was started to distract the American People from the President’s secret meeting with Zombie Dinosaurs from the Fifth Dimension.
  • Viruses protect you from vaccines by turning your skin to titanium which is needle resistant.

If I understand at study results properly, it looks like I need an entire unreliable site rather than just untrue tweets. So I guess I will need a site and a domain name to make this all work.


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