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Torch Church signs Agency of Record with CFCo

 Torch Church is a hip, updated expression of the historical Christian faith for residents in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Torch features a new generation of faith-inspired messages delivered through Podcasts and film. Torch Church gathers at the Round Lake Beach Regal Cinemas every Sunday morning to experience fresh purpose, perspective, and passion on important social and familial matters.

Torch Church services include:

• Education
• Activities
• Bible study
• Child care

‘Alive again’ is the heartbeat of Torch Church. Imagine a life of spiritual satisfaction, joy, and potency of soul that is non-judgmental, simple and empowering. Normal, everyday people like you are genuinely experiencing a vital new joy because of what they’ve learned from our church. If you’re ready for sweet and vibrant demonstration of the living Christian faith, Torch Church is for you.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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