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Two Chicago Based Companies Bring Green Initiatives to Our Everyday Lives

The Verde app for iPad is a new tool to help people perform an energy audit in their own home. It can also be used to show how behavioral changes, like hibernating a computer or turning off lights in rooms unused, can lead to significant savings.

Changing the way the world thinks about energy efficiency

CHICAGO, IL. 5/17/2012:  This year, April 22nd marked the 43rd anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement — Earth Day.  With millions of people worldwide wanting to make environmental responsibility a part of their everyday lives, the day is widely marked with events and rallies. Whether at home or work, their attempts at saving the Earth are usually best accomplished in baby steps.  Two Chicago based brands are making strides in the “greening” of America as well as setting the bar high for the rest of the country.

Often times people commit to adopt green initiatives in their effort to demonstrate a commitment to the health of our planet. Some of the more traditional routes people take to make an impact include recycling, using cloth grocery bags, taking public transportation, turning down their water heaters, planting trees and installing energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Unfortunately, this excitement wears off after Earth Day as overriding reminders on television and social media start to dwindle and are soon forgotten.

Chicago based Uncommon Ground has changed the way restaurant owners across the country consider adding green concepts from the day they break ground on the development. With over 116 measures taken to ensure the most eco-friendly dining experience in the nation, Uncommon Ground’s founders took environmental strides from day one.

From low energy LED lighting and reclaimed wood for amenities to the nation’s first sustainable rooftop organic farm and a biodiesel vehicle that runs on its own waste, Uncommon Ground’s founders take no short cuts. Their strides in adopting green initiatives have proven that implementing a eco-conscious environment not only helps reduce their carbon footprint, but has reduced overall monthly expenditures dramatically.

“We truly care about operating a Certified Green Restaurant and we challenge restaurants around the U.S. to exceed our record of environmental accomplishments. As an industry we have the potential to make a huge difference in taking better care of our planet – and ourselves,” commented Helen Cameron, Co-Founder of Uncommon Ground’s two Chicago locations.

It is easy to go to a eco-friendly business and “participate” in everyday green through brands that have pioneered the movement, but with modern day technology we can easily adopt some of these same principles in our own daily lives.

In theory most people want to do things that benefit the environment. A great many of them, while concerned, have no idea where to start.  When it comes to adopting green initiatives, or better yet, understanding the impact green purchases have on the environment and our wallets, a Chicago based socially responsible mobile application company has done just that. Verde Sustainable Solutions L3C, was founded in 2010 to advocate the principles of sustainability. Built around the idea that people look at energy efficiency in the wrong light, Verde uses technology and private sector products to help solve today’s environmental problems. The Verde app for iPad is a new tool to help people perform an energy audit in their own home. It can also be used to show how behavioral changes, like hibernating a computer or turning off lights in rooms unused, can lead to significant savings.

“It is all about the simple measures we can take in our own lives that can change the world. We developed the technology as a tool not only to make an impact in the growing eco-friendly consumer base, but to allow each person to make an impact themselves as well,” commented Verde’s Founder Jamie Johnson. Verde’s platform educates consumers and businesses on the operational costs of lighting and appliances in order to help them make informed decisions. “We wanted to take our experience in app development and database management to solve complex environmental issues through education and action,” continued Johnson.

With more consumers leaning towards giving back to our planet, companies like Uncommon Ground and Verde Sustainable Solutions L3C help not only their target markets give back, but set the stage for other business and consumer brands to carry the same message. For more information on Uncommon Ground visit To download the Verde app at reduced price of $.99 (normally $4.99), visit the iTunes store or the app website at

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Written by Chris Foltz

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