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Universal Scrap Metals Expands

Chicago-based Universal Scrap Metals (USM), one of North America’s largest wholesalers and processors of scrap metal, continues their impressive growth by announcing the expansion of its operations to include a recycling facility in Georgetown, Ky. USM’s investment includes purchasing state-of the-art recycling equipment from Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation (ABRC),. This equipment is used to help prepare used beverage containers for processing at aluminum smelting facilities.  ABRC has a long relationship with USM and is fully supportive of their continuing efforts to expand this facility and their business.

Operating under the name USM Alumacycle, the deal is a group investment between parent company Universal Scrap Metals, Inc., USM Processing, Ltd., and USMe, LLC.  “I’m excited to see USM’s aggressive growth strategy continue,” said USM Alumacycle President, Jason Zeid. “This recycling facility in Kentucky  will expand USM’s already vast aluminum processing capability and allow us to service more customers in the south.”

To further growth and expansion, USM has put together an exceptional mergers and acquisitions program.  This program continues to prove itself by getting the deal done. The company now operates in eight locations throughout the Chicagoland area, Central Illinois and Kentucky.

“Operating this new facility is a monumental step in line with our goal of providing the best recycling and processing solutions possible,” said USM’s Chief Operating Officer, Pat Madison. “This will allow USM to process off spec used beverage cans and other aluminum alloys in a state-of-the-art facility that is unique to the industry and, in turn, allow us to offer higher recovery on these cans and aluminum alloys to manufactures, dealers, waste companies and mills.”

The recycling facility was designed and engineered from the ground up three years ago by Machinex, a leader in developing cutting-edge sorting technology for the recycling industry. Remarkably, the system has the capability of shredding, sorting and processing five million pounds of aluminum per month.  USM Alumacycle is strategically located in close proximity to some of North America’s largest aluminum sheet mills, eliminating many logistical issues and other costly factors of transporting aluminum commodities.

All USM operating companies work closely with sustainability platforms, environmental standards and efficiency programs to make companies work better. USM buys non-ferrous, ferrous, precious metal bearing, used beverage cans (UBC), hi-temp alloys, electronic and composite metal scrap from industrial and manufacturing companies, recycling centers and independent scrap dealers. In 2010, USM was ranked one of the top 20 largest non-ferrous scrap processors in North America by Recycling Today.

Written by Chris Foltz

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