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What happens when it becomes legal

Cannabis’s next chapter

On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, repealing the prohibition of alcohol.

Not something I had ever thought about before reading the first prediction in Connie Loizos’s TechCrunch piece.

Loizo posits that at some point, perhaps soon, becomes legalized and normalized such that the big CPG companies start selling it.

Lots of the current cannabis companies are going to die a horrible death.

I wonder what will make some succeed? What will make some be acquired?

There are still microbreweries. And I remember when Scharfenberger was acquired (chocolate is the only recreational drug I have any experience with.)

I expect that the companies that survive will be the ones with loyal followings either from a superior product, charismatic spokespersons, or other forms of positioning and reputation.

Vanishingly few companies in cannabis (or anything else) have that. Very few think about how to develop or protect that.

It’s always important, but I think here, and now it is suddenly even more important.

So while it has long become our focus in advising cannabis companies, it’s about time we become “pushy” about it. You can thank us later.


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