What Should AI Teach Your Children?

Long ago, I would ask new and expectant parents, “What is it most important to you that your children know or believe?”

I hadn’t thought about this for a long until Ivan Germanov surfaced the topic of leaving an AI available to our children in case we died before we could raise them ourselves.

This brings us back to the old question. What is it that I hope my AI clone would teach my children or otherwise do for them?

When my son was born, I asked his godfather, Jeffrey M. Moritz Esq, to teach him the collection of folktales from our tradition as these were a repository of wisdom that would likely be active from standard education.

I don’t know that my AI clone would know the folktales, I don’t know that I reference them often enough. And I don’t have any confidence that it would embody that wisdom in any other fashion.

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Written by Russell Brand

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