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Chicago Suburban Based “Discovery Language Programs” Makes Impact on Children Across the Nation

(Naperville Patch) Many families across America are looking to foreign language skills to give their children a competitive advantage early in life. 
Chicago, IL – When it comes to employment in a tough economy, stringent collegiate application processes, and scholarship opportunities becoming harder to attain, many families across Chicago are turning to Discovery Language Programs to equip children with a foreign language skill advantage at a young age.

With America increasing it’s role as a melting pot in the global community, research shows that children that are educated with foreign language curriculum before the age of 12 have a distinct advantage in the global community.

Discovery Language Programs is an educational organization that provides foreign language enrichment programs to young students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Discovery Language Programs provides a fully developed, authentic, and highly qualified curriculum designed for English speaking children who have the desire to learn SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, POLISH and now also MANDARIN (Chinese). With over 20 years in the Chicago land area, Discovery Language Programs is not only integrated into schools in the form of their foreign language curriculum, but Discovery currently serves over 2000 children in after or before school enrichment programs throughout the region.

“Education is a passion in my life. Immigrating to the United States after growing up in both, Poland and French speaking countries, I learned early on the importance of multi-lingual education. It’s not just about the language, it’s about the culture. You cannot learn all of this for use in a practical setting from a computer program. Hands on education with professional educators is one of the features that leads to our dramatic success rate,” commented Eva Michalski, founder of Discovery Language Programs.

Discovery Language Programs offers up to seven levels in some language tracks. Students can participate in the studies for eight years without repeating a single lesson. Discovery Language Programs before and/or after school enrichment classes are parent-paid programs and are initiated at no cost to the school or district. With enrollment fees between $150 for a 12-week and $270 for the entire year of education, Discovery Language Programs provides all the materials for students and teachers within the cost of enrollment. The curriculum has been carefully designed and each student receives a workbook and an appropriate CD.

“We have been receiving countless calls from both parents and school administrators this fall about bringing even more programs to schools in communities across Chicagoland in the Spring. We will be launching our new website this month and it will feature a request form as well as a parent petition to bring DLP programs to your school,”continued Michalski.

With much success in on-site programs, Discovery Language has expanded offering their curriculum and materials to school districts, organizations, and college campuses around the country. Offering an ever increasing variety of language programs, DLP has been regarded as a leading provider of foreign language programs across the nation.

To bring Discovery Language before and/or after school programs to your institution, please contact your local school administrators. For information in enrolling in one of the Chicago Suburban area programs for the fall and spring sessions, please contact the DLP office in Schaumburg at (847) 843-2457 or visit the website at There is still time to sign up for programs starting in October.

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Written by Chris Foltz

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