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Yes, Dream Jobs Do Exist

Perhaps I have insufficient cynicism

In 1989, I heard a radio interview with the baseball legend “Hammering Hank” Hank Aaron.

In the interview, he said, “I love this so much that I can’t believe people actually pay me to do this.” (Or words to that effect, it was long ago.)

And I thought to myself, “There is a person who understands what it is like to be a programmer.”

Since then, I have been surprised that not all programmers feel that way.

The “why’s” of that are a story for another day, though “Stop Writing Dead Programs” by Jack Rusher (Strange Loop 2022) tells an essential part of that story.

When I read Lora Korpar’s sensible “Do Dream Jobs Exist?” article, it saddens me to think that people think it is impossible (or perhaps practical) to find their dream jobs.

Then I looked through my appointment calendar and journal for the past year. Leaving aside founders, I found vanishing few people with Hammering Hank’s outlook. And I got sadder.

So, in an attempt to feel better, I ask three questions.

First, what can you do to make your current job into your dream job, or at least a step closer to a dream and further from being a nightmare?

Second, what can you do for your staff, coworkers, and bosses?

And finally, your vendors and suppliers?

Perhaps, dreams are not just found. Perhaps, they are made.

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