close-up of gray shark 
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Can you tell the difference between a Shark and Snark?


Linkedin threads can become quite odd. My thanks to Joseph Shair for helping me realize that I should start counting it as a social network after all. We’ll append a baby animal picture to the end in case a shark doesn’t count.
On an evening damp and dark,
I saw a creature in the park.
Thought it was SJ shark.
Turns out it was a snark.
* *
How it got there — I’m in the dark.
It enrolled in my class on a lark.
And it’s first question, hark:
“What can I do to make my mark?”
* *
Its bite was not as bad as its bark.
Ultimately discovered a strange charmed quark.
* *
He told of his trip on the ark,
about the problems when he’d disembark,
about his first job as a narc,
and other that that held a spark.
panda on brown wooden basket
Photo by billow926 on Unsplash

But I ask you, would the Vogons approve?

Of LinkedIn?

Or my poetry?

Of the combination?

Or, of the shark?

Thank you, Joseph.

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