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Grateful for Hot Chocolate

There are years in my life that I have a double mug of hot chocolate almost every morning; often before sunrise.

And there are years that I don’t touch the stuff.

I am in one of those times where it is pretty much every day.

Leaving aside the hot chocolate vs protein powder shakes question and related survey, there are times it really does a lot for me.

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Lemon tea also does, but that is another story for another day.

Today I am grateful for hot chocolate; but rather than being grateful for things, I would rather be grateful to people. The full set of people that made my mug of hot chocolate possible would fill a book. I’ve seen many books of that type ranging from children’s picture books about pie to lengthy serious chronicles of visiting a complete supply chain.

My gratitude is smaller. I am grateful to the folks at Trader Joe’s who make the “pound plus” dark chocolate bars are available to me. The product designer and the folks that stock the shelves in particular. The folks at Organic Valley who supply me with milk from grass-fed cows. And the to Percy Lebaron Spencer for inventing the microwave oven. And to everyone who contributes to Wikipedia where I looked up Dr. Spencer.

Contributes content contributes technical support, or contributes money. Wikipedia is a wonder of the modern world.

It’s the time of year the Wikipedia does fundraising. I just made my annual contribution. I will be grateful to any of you that would make yours. Think about it while you look at today’s baby animal picture.

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