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My Gratitude to Translators


Michael Kandel translated The Cyberiad: Fables for the Cybernetic Age by Stanisław Lem. It is more than a fluent translation, it is a wonderous translation including over-constrained robotic poetry and many seemingly untranslatable passages.

Because of Kandel’s translation, I was able to listen, be moved, and be inspired. Lem is most the widely translated science fiction in the world; the vast majority of his readership reads translated versions. Without the Kandel’s of the world, Lem’s great work would have few readers.

I do say listen because I heard Scott Aiello‘s exquisite narration that gave me a stronger experience than I personally ever could have had by reading. He’s an incredible voice actor.

I am grateful to Lem, Kandel, and Aiello; and especially to Kandel. In the first five places that I looked up the work, the translator wasn’t listed or any mention of the English version being a translation.

I wonder how many books I have read or heard in translation and never knew hadn’t been written in English.

So today’s baby animal picture goes to Michael Kandel and to all the translators that I don’t know to thank.

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