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Responsible Solutions Limited is publishing a series of short articles in the “Founders Perspective,” series to help founders and prospective founders see the experiences of others.

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Ideally, this will help them to

  • Learn from the mistakes of others so as to not have to make them themselves,
  • Imitate working strategies and tricks,
  • Use resources others have, and most importantly
  • See that the are not the only one …

In reading the series as a whole, we hope that the reader will deeply understand that all investors are not the same.

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Questions We Often Ask Interview Guests

  • Website Address and Founder Linkedin address
  • What does product or service does your company provide?
  • How does it make the world a better place?
  • Why did you create this company?
  • What is your experience with customer acquisition and adoption?
  • What resources have found helpful | unhelpful, especially?
    • Incubators, accelerators, classes
    • Free on-line classes & web sites
    • Sites & services that provide access to investors
    • Resources for getting grants
  • What would you do differently if you knew then what you know now?
  • What is your next step?
  • What have you done | will you do for funding?
  • What would you like other founders to know?

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