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    Oct 6th: Startups & Non-Profits: Collaborate to Accelerate | Chris Foltz (

    Chris Foltz joins UK based Charity Professional Development Community to talk collaboration

    Non-profit organizations and startup companies have more in common than most would think. From constant fundraising to the never-ending quest for traction, NPOs and startups face similar obstacles on their journey to solve problems that are large enough to matter. Learn how collaborating to eliminate shared obstacles can benefit your non-profit organization, startup company, and ultimately, the world.

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    What failure looks like – AI Alignment Forum (

    There are many benefits and many risks from AI/Machine Learning. Some of them are more plausible than others. Some are easier to understand than others. The “AI Alignment Probe

    Among the plausible, serious problems that The Alignment Problem. Paul Christiano’s article has a very strong and clear explanation of part of this problem.

    The stereotyped image of AI catastrophe is a powerful, malicious AI system that takes its creators by surprise and quickly achieves a decisive advantage over the rest of humanity. …

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    Efforts to Improve the Accuracy of Our Judgments and Forecasts – Open Philanthropy (

    Most people are really bad at prediction, estimation, and judgment in general. And most people are much worse at it than they think.

    Fortunately, it is not hard or time-consuming to get much less bad it.

    Open Philanthropy has made a free tool available — give it a try. It may start out as a humbling experience, but it is worth doing.

    Our grantmaking decisions rely crucially on our uncertain, subjective judgments — about the quality of some body of evidence, about the capabilities of our grantees, about what will happen if we make a certain grant, about what will happen if we don’t make that grant, and so on.  judgments about

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    Founder Night Out: In-Person Startup Networking in Silicon Valley (

    Anyone available this Tuesday evening (9/20) in Palo Alto?

    If you have a startup idea or a growing company and you want to expand your network in Silicon Valley, then join us for the in-person ‘Founder Meet & Greet’ event. At this informal networking event, you can connect with other early-stage entrepreneurs, startup mentors, and advisors from the Founder Institute Silicon Valley network. Socialize over drinks with potential co-founders, advisors, mentors and partners. Most of all, get away from the computer and have fun!

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    Meet the Health Tech Startup Ecosystem w/ ScaleHealth & More (Online) (

    Founder Institute is hosting an online event about the Health Tech Startup Ecosystem on Oct 4th.

    While it is somewhat bay area focused, I expect it to be more broadly useful.

    It is free and open to the public.

    Health Tech has a fast growing startup ecosystem, and entrepreneurs here are lucky to have so many resources available to help them in their journey. However, many people don’t know about all of the resources available, the differences between them, or what resources are right for them. At this online and interactive event, we will gather representatives from different entrepreneurial organizations, including and top local entrepreneurs, to outline the local resources and provide tips on how to build a startup in Health Tech.

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    Pitch Your Startup Idea to Health Tech Investors & Experts Online (

    The Founder Institute HealthTech-focused accelerator program is sponsoring a practice pitch event on Sept 20th.

    It’s open to the public and free to present or just attend.

    They have assembled an amazing judging panel, including Yan Chow, Jason Novak, and Fay Sahai.

    Every mistake you make (or even see) at a practice event like this one is one fewer mistake to make in “real life.”

    Reserve your spot now.

    Do you have a startup, or a strong idea for a startup? Could you use blunt, honest feedback on your startup ideas? On this live and interactive online event you can pitch your ideas to a panel of Health Tech startup investors and experts for ratings and feedback, all from the comfort of your home. Even if you don’t want to pitch, you are invited to hear startup ideas and watch how the experts analyze businesses.

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    Foltz to Speak at First StartupsExpo Weekend Edition in Africa

    Foltz will be speaking on “Overcoming Obstacles in your Startup Journey “

    Join us this coming Saturday @ 12PM (Coordinated Universal Time) for the first episode of the StartupsExpo weekend edition. We are honored to be hosting Chris Foltz , he will be speaking on the Topic: “Overcoming Obstacles in your Startup Journey ” More

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