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Chris Foltz Presenting a Masterclass on Go To Market for Startups at the Nordic Startup Festival 2022

The NSF Startup Summit is on August 31st around the theme “What’s the Nordic Secret Sauce for Building Unicorns.” #NSF2022

The Nordic region has the second highest number of unicorns per capita after Silicon Valley. In addition, the region consistently ranks on top of the happiness indicators. So what is the secret sauce in play in this region when it comes to startups, funding, and ecosystem building? How can ecosystems around the world tap into the Nordic opportunities and how can the Nordic ecosystem spread its wings globally?



09:00 Welcome & Day Plan

09:10 Keynotes: The Nordic Secret Sauce of Building Unicorns

10:00 The Nordic Startup Funding Landscape: Panel – Investors, VCs, Ecosystem Specialists

11:00 What’s Unique about the Nordic Startup Ecosystem: Panel – Leading Accelerators & Ecosystem Organizations

12:00 Enabling Female-Founded Ventures: Panel – Community Leads, Entrepreneurs, Investors

13:00 Emerging Market Spotlights: Meet Emerging Market Ecosystems

14:00 Live Pitches: Live Pitching with Startup Experts & Investors – apply to pitch!

15:00 High-Speed Startup Masterclasses: Leading Startup Experts

16:00 Join the Exclusive Community: Founders x Experts x Organizations x Investors

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Written by Chris Foltz


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