Tech Alley Las Vegas September Event Recap

It was a beautiful day to host the September 2021 Las Vegas Tech Alley event! Elizabeth Lopez kicked off the event by introducing guest speakers Teddy Liaw, Farai Kasambira, David Knight, Thomas Brunet, and Snehal Bhakta. Meetups were Venture Capitalist Viewpoint, Vegas UX/UI, VegasPy(Python), AgileNV, and Vegas Programs. Attendance was great with over 100 folks participating!

Big “Thanks!” to Teddy LiawFarai Kasambira, and David Knight for kicking off the event, and meetups organizers, panelists, and speakers Jonathan ParraJoshua CopelandJeff NewburnDaniel CorlissJeff Tatarchuk (Tah-tar-chuck)Logan Brown, Chris FoltzMario MitchellDavid MasonAshley Lowe, Piotr Tomasik for sharing knowledge. Also want to thank our champion sponsors Cox Business, and Taverna Costera, Stinko’s Las Vegas, Vegas Theatre Company, and Renowned Photos for hosting the event!

There were a few “firsts” this event! Thomas Brunet showcased the IceBreaker networking app which made meeting new people fun and Leslie Asanga presented about Pills2Me as our first Highlight Speaker! We also celebrated the master chef at Taverna Costera Ray Samlow‘s birthday!

Elizabeth Lopez, continues to make Tech Alley a huge success, along with the Tech Alley council Noel HurstWill Wang, Jonathan Para, Joshua Copeland, Snehal Bhakta, and our ambassadors Jan FarrisTJ LioliosAura Ortiz, Roger Mayo, Kelly McFall, Brady Walter.

Here is a gallery of the amazing turnout at last Saturday’s Tech Alley event where over 100 folks came together to participate in the Vegas tech and startup scene!


Written by Chris Foltz


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