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The Rocket Motor of the Future Breathes Air Like a Jet Engine (

When Davis founded in 2018, no one had ever made a working air-breathing rocket engine before. NASA and aerospace giants like Rolls-Royce had tried, and all the projects fizzled out due to soaring costs and major technological challenges. But Davis, a former Aviation Ordnance technician in the Marines, had an idea for an air-breathing engine of his own and couldn’t shake the idea.

Posted by Chris Foltz

Chris Foltz is a renowned brand development catalyst, celebrated inspirational speaker and Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based advisory practice Responsible Solutions Ltd. From his roots in partisan politics, to a battle with drug addiction, 119 days in county jail, and losing everything to the point of homelessness, Chris has re-established himself as one of the most engaging initiators of social impact and development in the nation, and some would consider – the world.


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