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    Teenage elephants need a father figure | BBC Earth (

    I hadn’t previously worried about gangs of juvenile delinquent elephants.

    When Gus Van Dyk was an ecologist at Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, he was worried by a series of attacks on the park’s rhino. The prime suspects were a group of adolescent male elephants (their teenage years are the same as ours – between 12 and 20 years old) who were clearly experiencing heightened aggression – in ‘musth’.

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    There's a femtech revolution and the UK is leading it – Mace Magazine (

    It always amazes me how many massive problems affecting tens of millions of people there are that I have barely heard of. Before meeting Prof Ahmed, pre-eclampsia was in this category for me. His work is amazing.

    The broader point for me, and perhaps for the entire startup community, is that if we haven’t even heard of the most impactful problems in the world, how are we going to found a company that really matters?

    Professor Asif Ahmed tells Mace how he’s leading the charge for developing new medicines to treat pre-eclampsia.

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    AMA with Mike Lingle: Startup Q&A on Financials, Pitch Decks, and More (Partner Event) (

    One of the regular free events hosted by Founder Institute.

    Do you have a difficult question about startup finance and don’t have a fortune to pay for advice? Do you feel like you’re pulling numbers out of thin air, but want to confidently pitch investors? Come learn more about startup finance in an hour with Mike than a semester at Harvard Business School. Mike explains your business finances in plain English. Join us live for a free Q&A/AMA session hosted by startup finance guru Mike Lingle of Rocket Pro Forma, live every other Tuesday. Following the session, you will receive a link to over $1,000 worth of free resources for your financial projections, pitch deck, and fundraising strategy.

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