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    A court upheld the firing of 2 LAPD officers who ignored a robbery to play Pokémon Go (

    Perhaps I should not complain about people playing computer games during our zoom meetings. 

    Or perhaps I should make the meetings interesting enough that they aren’t tempted to do so.

    Then again if, a robbery in progress isn’t interesting enough to lure a police officer away from his mobile phone, what chance do I have?

    A California court denied the appeal of Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, who were fired from the Los Angeles Police Department after the 2017 incident. Their lawyer says they’re evaluating next steps.

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    A Molecule Tested in Higher Primates Reduced Alcohol Consumption By Half (

    I wonder whether a practical version of this could be made to help people who have drinking problems — or even sugar problems?

    Mammals—including great apes and monkeys as well as early humans—began consuming alcohol from fermented fruit long before humans developed methods to distill alcohol. It is therefore not surprising that multiple bodily systems in mammals, including humans, evolved over time to sense and regulate alcohol consumption. The prevalence of alcohol use disorder (AUD) in humans indirectly suggests that naturally evolved regulatory systems can become dysfunctional (due to genetic and/or environmental factors), removing the inherent “brake” on excessive or health-impairing alcohol intake.

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