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If we think of the Nerd as falling somewhere between neurotypical and Aspergers, the Wambs falls somewhere between neurotypical and Williams syndrome. Nerds value accuracy over social comfort where the Wambs place social comfort above accuracy.

I had never heard the term “Wamb” or thought about the concept before hearing Tom Chivers’s interview on the Clearer Thinking Podcast.

It does explain the “chaos” of the world around me.




What is a “wamb”? What are the differences between wambs and nerds? When is it appropriate (or not) to decouple concepts from their context? What are some common characteristics of miscommunications between journalists and writers / thinkers in the EA and Rationalist communities? What are “crony” beliefs? How can you approach discussions of controversial topics without immediately getting labelled as being on one team or another? What sorts of quirks do members of the EA and Rationalist communities typically exhibit in social contexts?

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