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I was impressed with the quality of thinking in this article about alternative to the current monetization models on the web


We’re hit with it daily: it feels like every three swipes on Instagram or flick of the thumb on Facebook takes us to yet another creepily targeted ad, both making us a bit paranoid (OMG a Colgate ad — did Insta really eavesdrop on my toothpaste conversation?), and disrupting the user experience.

Our Twitter and Instagram timelines used to be about the people we chose to follow — people we know and care about. But we find ourselves hijacked by algorithms that feel designed to suck us down a black hole of doom-scrolling through dopamine-pumped content, ultimately to show us more ads. I came to see 1 picture of my mum’s dog, and reemerge an hour later with 5 new TikTok dances memorised:

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